About Us

Martin Prestage

Owner & Director: Martin Prestage

Boasting over 20 years cycling experience, including road and trail racing, expedition style touring throughout some 50 plus countries, managerial and mechanical knowledge of the retail bike industry, extensive bicycle advocacy and limitless commuting experience. Martin is CAN BIKE 2 certified.

Born in London, England, Martin was professionally qualified as a Chartered Building Surveyor, and has over 15 years construction experience. Between 1990 and 1993 Martin travelled on his own by bicycle between the UK and Australia, then in 1996 between Calgary and Costa Rica, covering over 40,000km on the same bike! The former journey (Catford to Croppa Creek) was well documented in New Cyclist magazine, in local and national newspapers, and on international radio and television. Things were never quite the same!

Realizing cycling was his true passion, Martin began LIFECycle, a small company specializing in bicycle safety education for youth. Martin has also created a Youth Adventures by Bike program, taking youth in Grades 7 and up on camping trips to the Guld Islands. Martin also does a great deal of bicycle advocacy, especially in his his community on the Sunshine Coast.

LIFECycle's philosophy is based upon personal life goals; focusing on sustainability, recycling, waste reduction, community spirit and positive attitude. LIFECycle are not driven by profit alone, and practice multiple bottom line accounting. Environmental sustainability and social concerns are equally important as profitability.

Sandra Allen

Program Manager: Sandra Allen

Sandra began with LIFECycle in 2009 and it changed her life! She left an office job and became a dedicated Cycling Educator, working with youth all across the Lower Mainland. Beyond her work with LIFECycle, Sandra leads after school bike clubs, Earn A Bike programs and bike day camps through Our Community Bikes. Sandra also teaches a variety of adult courses, everything from Learn to Ride — including ESL-specialized programs, basic bicycle mechanics, workplace workshops and safe city cycling. Sandra is CAN BIKE 2 certified.

Crispin Wye

Lead Instructor: Crispin Wye

Crispin joined LIFECycle in 2009. Crispin's background is as a Project Manager but he now spends his time teaching safe cycling skills to youth and English to ESL students. Crispin's greatest cycling feat was riding across Canada in 2013 with his wife and then 10-yr old son. Crispin is CAN BIKE 2 certified.

Lorraine Smith

Lead instructor: Lorraine Smith

Lorraine joined LIFECycle in 2009. Lorraine is dedicated to bettering cycling in Vancouver through advocacy and education. She was a board member for Pedal Energy Development Alternative for 5 years and coordinated the Bike To Work Week sponsorship for HUB. Lorraine teaches a variety of youth & adult cycling safety courses. Lorraine is CAN BIKE 2 certified.

Heather Harvey

Lead Instructor: Heather Harvey

Heather joined LIFECycle in 2012 and quickly became a Lead Instructor. Heather has worked as Membership Coordinator for HUB. She continues to promote cycling within her community. Heather teaches a variety of youth & adult cycling safety courses and sales associate at Bikes For All. Heather is CAN BIKE 2 certified.

Karen Ageson

Lead Instructor: Karen Ageson

Karen joined LIFECycle in 2009. Karen is passionate about everything that can make her urban environment better, be it cycling or farming. Karen divides her time between teaching youth & adults safe cycling skills, running a community integrated urban farm — Farmers on 57th and as President & Founding Director of the Vancouver Urban Farming Society. Karen is CAN BIKE 2 certified.

Assistant Instructors

Chris Martin, Sue Duxbury, Charlotte Watson