Martin Prestage Biography

LifeCycle's co owner/director Martin Prestage boasts over 20 years cycling experience.

Included is road and trail racing, expedition style touring throughout some 50 plus countries, managerial and mechanical knowledge of the retail bike industry, extensive bicycle advocacy and limitless commuting experience. Martin is also CanBike Level 2 certified and runs the CycleSmarts educational program for Grade 2-7 Elementary schoolchildren in Vancouver.

Born in London, England, Martin was professionally qualified as a Chartered Building Surveyor, and has over 15 years construction experience. However, between 1990 and 1993 Martin travelled independently by bicycle between the UK and Australia, again in 1996 between Calgary and Costa Rica, covering over 40,000km on the same bike! The former journey (Catford to Croppa Creek) was well documented in New Cyclist magazine, in local and national newspapers, and on international radio and television. Things were never quite the same!

After a much needed career switch, Martin is now co-owner of LifeCycle, a Vancouver based company specializing in wellness and fitness attained through yoga and cycling. Heading up the cycling arm, Martin teaches safety education for children, educational adventure for youth grade 7 and up, and bicycle advocacy for the general populous. Company philosophy is based upon personal life goals, focusing on sustainability, recycling, waste reduction, community spirit and positive attitude. LifeCycle are not driven by profit alone, and practise multiple bottom line accounting. Environmental sustainability and social concerns are equally important as profitability.